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MenuLab is an easy to use smartphone and tablet app for businesses that serve food (restaurants, cafes, hotels, street vendors). Even schools, hospitals and care homes can use this. It has been designed you help you track and record allergens in the food you serve to customers. Simply download, select the ingredients that you use in the kitchen (we have over 10,000 in our database) or add your own using our barcode scanner and create recipes.
Allergen information attached to the ingredient will display in your recipes and menus and allow you to quickly see what dishes contain allergens such as wheat, mustard and lupin.
We have made it so easy for you to record allergens that there will be no need for paper copies and no more searching through binders or querying the chefs about whats in every dish. Just open your MenuLab app or display it on a tablet in your business.
Why use Menulab?MenuLab saves you time and money and helps you consistently report on the allergens in your food, allowing you to stay compliant with UK and European law. All businesses and organisations must know what allergens are in the dishes they serve to customers. If you dont, you could get stuck with a big fine!
Why should I track and record allergens? Did you know that over 200 million people worldwide suffer from food allergies? That is almost the same number of people who live in Brazil. Food allergy sufferers want to eat at establishments and know what is in their food. For some it is a matter of life and death.